Central Bank of Brazil

About "BCB"

      The Banco Central do Brasil's (BCB) strategic planning is a four-year cyclical process whose stages are diagnosis, formulation, survey of strategic risks, breaking down in themes and actions, monitoring, and evaluation. BCB currently is carrying out the Institutional Strategic Plan (PEI-BCB) formulated for the period from 2020 to 2023, considering the strategic guidelines established by its Board of Governors: the Institutional mission, the Vision of the future, the Organizational values, and the Strategic objectives. Specifically, the strategic objectives steer the paths of action called 'strategic themes', which are breakdown into 'strategic actions'. Representing a pivotal role for the execution of the PEI-BCB, the Agenda BC# consolidates most of these strategic actions. BCB periodically monitors and evaluates the execution of the PEI-BCB. In addition to the strategic guidelines and actions, the PEI-BCB comprises the Strategic targets, the Value chain, the Management indicators and the Strategic map.



     Ensuring to society the stability of the currency purchasing power, and a sound, efficient and competitive financial system.
Vision of the future To be recognized for promoting inclusion, transparency, sustainability and competitiveness within the financial system and for stimulating citizens' financial education.

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